Orange County Bail Bonds – Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Introduction to how Bail Bonds Work

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In the event of an individual getting arrested in Orange County, California, their first thought is most probably connected to being released as soon as possible.

In order to get released from jail, “bail” needs to be posted. This concept is based on money given to the court as insurance that the individual being released will return for the appointed court date as ordered. However, this transaction isn’t limited to cash or checks. The arrested individual can also make use of property which he/she owns, given it amounts to the same cash value of the bail. This is where the services of a local Orange County bail bonds agent comes in.

financing orange county bail bondsIf the individual returns on the appointed date as promised he/she will be refunded with the initial bail amount he/she paid. There are situations where people decide to skip bail, but this decision is never recommended. If the individual fails to return, the bail money will be kept by the court. In addition there is a big chance of an arrest warrant being issued against the individual, which means getting arrested again and going back to jail if caught.

Setting Bail

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The most common priority for an arrested individual is to find out how much bail needs to be paid and to do this quickly. If a judge is required to set the bail amount then some jail time can be expected, especially if the individual is arrested over a weekend. This is a typical tactic the police will use because they are well aware that a judge will only be available on Monday. In some cases it can take up to five days. However, there are guidelines regarding common crimes with which standard bail amounts are already in place. This allows a quick and speedy release if the amount can be paid. If the person who needs to be bailed out hasn’t yet been transferred to the main Orange County Intake Release Center(IRC), it’s possible to get the defendant out within half an hour. If someone has been arrested in Irvine, it is best to contact an Irvine bail bonds representative BEFORE the person is transferred.

Our Constitutionally Protected Rights

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Individuals who face an arrest are protected from excessive bail amounts through the Eight Amendment of the United States Constitution. It defines that the government is not allowed to abuse the system by raising money for its own purpose or lash out at the person for being arrested. The sole purpose of the Eighth Amendment is to act as insurance. It is there to make sure the arrested person complies with the arrangements made by the court and that he/she will return. If the bail amount is beyond reasonable means the amendment can be considered redundant.

In theory this works quite well, but not all judges stick to the rules. Even judges can have a bias opinion before the proceedings take place and opt for unreasonable amounts to ensure that the individual stays confined. This is usually in connection with serious crimes like murder or drug dealing. Numerous people have argued that these excessive amounts cross the boundaries set by the above mentioned amendment and in turn becomes a violation.

Luckily not all cases suffer the same fate. When the bail is set at a reasonable amount but is still outside the individual’s means then he/she can insist on a lower amount. In such an instance the individual will have to wait for a special bail hearing or failing this, his/her first court appearance before making the request. Based on the individual’s current financial situation the judge may lower the amount, making it easier to get released. Some bail bonds Costa Mesa companies in Orange County focus on giving the lowest cost bail possible.

Posting Bail

Posting bail means paying the amount ordered by the judge or as per set guidelines. Various options are available to the arrested individual and can be done in the following ways for Santa Ana bail bonds just to qualify for the bond. This means if the individual doesn’t show up for the appointed court date the bondsman can get the money by selling the assets used as collateral.

Release on Own Recognizance

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This option was mentioned earlier and is without a doubt the best possible way to get released. The only requirement necessary on grounds of O.R. is to sign a paper which conveys the promise to appear at court on the set dates.

If an individual want to make use of this option a request has to be made on the first court appearance in the presence of a judge. If it happens that the request is denied a lower bail amount should be the second option.

Elements for getting released on O.R. will mainly depend on ties regarding his/her community. The components which create the best setting for this request to be approved involve the following:

  • If the individual has been involved with previous court cases, his/her punctuality for showing up will play a big part
  • -The amount of time an individual has lived within a community
  • Relatives who also live in the same community as the arrested individual
  • Retaining a job within that community
  • The individual’s history with law. This includes any misdemeanors or small crimes and most importantly a criminal record.

Whenever there is a need to contact a Bail Bonds in Fullerton agent, there are plenty of resources on the Internet, including this website.

Ventura Bail Bonds

Bail bonds work because we bail bondsmen have an agreement with local courts and county jails saying we will put up X amount of money to ensure the person we are bailing out appears in court. Since Ventura bail bonds can range from small to large dollar amounts bail bonds companies use insurance companies much like we use insurance companies to ensure our homes, our cars, and our health. This helps keep the bonding company healthy in case a client goes fugitive and they have to pay money to the courts.

Due to the risk involved in bailing someone out of the Ventura County jail, if the bond is large enough, a lien may be put on the signers property. Bail Bonds work because the inmate is allowed to go home and resume normal life and because they create a monetary incentive for the bondsman and the bond signer to ensure the newly bailed out inmate appears in court.

Why Ventura County Bail Bonds?

When a defendant/inmate posts bail they can return to normal life be it there job, family, or friends. It allows them to become a productive member of society once again. Dangerous criminals typically cannot post bail, so those being bailed out are usually non-violent first-time offenders.
Bail bonds have been proven to reduce failure-to-appear rates. A failure-to-appear is when a defendant does not show up to court resulting in a bench warrant.
Since courts are able to hand bonds over to private business the industry saves tax payers money.
Bail Bondsman are governed by the laws of local jurisdictions, county, and state governments. In addition there are national organizations with guidelines that members adhere to [PBUS]. This ensures the industry remains safe and healthy, and that people needing to get of jail are treated properly.