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We are a locally owned and operated Bail Bonds Company located in Orange County, California.

Getting bailed out of the Orange County Jail

Individuals apprehended on misdemeanor or felony charges, warrants, and kid support offenses are transferred to the Orange County jail in downtown Santa Ana. It is here that family members of the defendant will want to send the Orange County bail bonds agent.

There is no chance any individual outside the prison can start a direct contact with an accused throughout processing.

An important (and lengthy) aspect in processing is referred to as “clearance”. This includes sending out the Defendant’s identification with NCIC (National Crime Information Center) and DOJ (Department of Justice) computer systems to make sure no one is launched with exceptional warrants in various other territories.

Have a pen and paper convenient to compose down the Defendant’s prison number, time of reserving into the prison, and charges. For regular updates and a report on existing prison processing times, please call us. Also, contact us if you need an Irvine Bail Bonds agent.

The Bond

If a bond is $20,000 (normal for Domestic violence in Orange County), money (specific modification just) could be uploaded at the prison, no bondman is needed. Please keep in mind: when a money bond is uploaded, the County reserves the right to take off from that money bond, any and all expenses, charges, and “expenditures” they consider suitable, prior to returning anything left of the initial money bond. Note: no part of the premium paid to a bail firm is refundable, once the bond is published and the Defendant is launched.

The premium referred to above, there is one various other crucial aspect in protecting a bail bond: the “indemnitor”. Freedom Bail Bonds is prepared to accept lots of various other kinds of security as bond security, consisting of credit cards. Security protects the whole bond, and the Indemnitor is liable for the complete quantity of the bond in the activity the Defendant fails to appear as needed.

We are YOUR local Orange County Bail Bonds company.